Soporte Técnico

We provide technical support focused on an active paradigm instead of a reactive one. We prevent potential issues or bugs which might intervene during the daily routine of your business/company. We also ease and guarantee the necessary infrastructure scalability.

What we provide?

We study the needs of your business so as to evaluate the potential solutions to be applied efficiently and cost-effective.

We work closely with AWS and cloud servers both shared and private.

Generating integration services with 3rd party tools, be it storage/hosting (Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc) or online payment (PayPal, Transferwise, etc).

Our systems implement daily backup routines on remote servers, assuring the safety of your data.






We make a preliminary analysis of the requirements is carried out and we prepare the necessary documentation to carry out the project. Then, our team carries out a list of functional requirements that will later be checked to proceed with development.

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